Getting sourcemaps / releases working

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Steps to reproduce

I have the following config in nuxt.config.js:

    sentry: {
        dsn: sentryDsn,
        publishRelease: 'SENTRY_AUTH_TOKEN' in process.env,
        sourceMapStyle: 'hidden-source-map',

sentryDsn is a valid DSN url imported from another config file.

The SENTRY_AUTH_TOKEN environment variable is set during build & start.

.sentryclirc has our org/project set correctly:

org = cloudflare
project = cdnjs-website

When nuxt build is run, it creates the release correctly on Sentry as far as I can tell, using the latest commit hash.

However, when errors are then generated in the app (after nuxt start), they appear in Sentry without any attached release and don't appear to be using the source maps.

What is expected ?

Maybe I'm configuring something wrong, but I would expect errors generated both server-side and client-side to be correctly attached to the release generated during nuxt build and to use the source maps so that the stack trace is useful in Sentry.

What is actually happening?

Issues have no attached release and don't use the source maps, resulting in the stack trace being the raw bundled files which is unusable.

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