How to clear icon cache?

commented 3 months ago

PWA icons get cached at node_modules / .cache / pwa / icon

I updated my icons in my project, but somehow this cache did not get updated. Is there any way to tell nuxt to clear this cache?

I ended up deleting this folder and generating my site again with $ npm run generate

That put the right icons in dist / _nuxt / icons

I couldn't find any documentation about where PWA icons get cached and how to clear this cache.

I found a couple other bug reports about this which allowed me to track down the source of the problem.

Here's how I created the problem:

1) Create a nuxt project to use static files and PWA.
2) Generate static files.
3) Change the icons.
4) Generate the static files again.
5) Save website as a PWA on a phone.

The icon for the PWA app is the nuxt default icon, not the new icon from step #3.

To fix, I deleted the folder at node_modules / .cache / pwa / icon then generated the static files again.

Just wanted to ask the question in case I'm missing something. Thanks!

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