ChrisDillinger posted a new question •

Where is Nuxt 1.x documentation?

…Only seems to be v2.x docs now, I see version number showing, but cannot figure out how to get back to 1.x documentation…


HerrBertling posted a new question •

Nuxt.Options & Nuxt.Utils – are the docs outdated or am I missing something?

Hey! I'm new in a project that uses (well, tries to use) Options and Utils from nuxt. The docs say that both would be available as far as I understand: – but that's not really the case, see this as an explanation:

My guess is that the nuxt-styleguide tries to use internal APIs that were not stable and thus were changed at some point for [email protected].

What I'm wondering about: Apparently, neither Options.from(…) nor Utils.fatalError are valid APIs (anymore? It must have worked at some point…).

Is there any documentation about what would be possible with Options and Utils and how to use them?
If not: Is there any way I could find out about these APIs and help document them?
And if I wanted to throw that fatalError or merge some options with the ones already present, how would I do that?

Thanks for any help :)


davidpmccormick posted a new question •

Letter and word spacing in the documentation

The extra letter and word spacing in the styles makes the typography feel disjointed and weird to me. I can live with it(!), but was wondering why it was there, and whether you'd take a PR to remove it?


ravisingh96 posted a new question •

Bootstrap-Vue carousel stop working after nuxt 2 upgrade

Bootstrap-Vue carousel stop working after nuxt 2 upgrade.


foxmask posted a new question •

Chat link in ecosystem menu


The Chat link points to but once on gitter we have a message that invites us to go to discourse.
May be you could just change the Chat link directly on the website, with the right link to the right chat system :)



DJafari posted a new question •

using compiled scss as content_css for tinymce

in tinymce editor, we can inject css file for styling content css,

  selector: 'textarea',  // change this value according to your HTML
  content_css : '/myLayout.css'  // resolved to http://domain.mine/myLayout.css

i have a scss file in my assets folder, how can link compiled of this file to content_css ?


allan852 posted a new question • 500 Error

Cannot read property 'status' of undefined


MartinMuzatko posted a new question •

Please use only one issue tracker.

I saw that when using, my issue does NOT land here!
Instead it is landed here:

This is very inconvenient and I hate having yet another app to get access to the issues.
What is the real tracker now then?


MartinMuzatko posted a new question •

Please update website chat url - it is not gitter anymore

When joining gitter, you are redirected to discord.


MrTung posted a new question •

After run "npm run generate", no html in dist

HI, in my app,im run "npm run generate",but no html in my dist,and im try so many times,but here is no html。

help !! !


MrTung posted a new question •

after run "npm run generate" no html in dict

small-sunshines posted a new feature request •

idea Please provide details about the CSP.

What problem does this feature solve?

Currently, Nuxt.js document describes how to configure CSP, but there is no detailed setup method. I do not even know much about the existence of this feature.

What does the proposed changes look like?

Please tell me how to set up CSP in detail.


Atinux implemented the feature request #c59 •

idea Languages should never be represented with a national flag

Atinux implemented the feature request #c83 •


Atinux implemented the feature request #c95 •

idea Consider reminding folks how to use Axios in async data doc

toadkicker resolved the question #c102 •

Nested routes custom id

I'm using UUID's in my URLS like so:

    validate({params}) {

Atinux resolved the question #c104 •

Google Translate fails to translate website

I looked into it, and sadly, this seems like headache because they use an iframe an some weird links. You can use Chrome and right click -> Translate to XXX.


patrickdaze resolved the question #c105 •

I want to know what the role of the now.json file is

You're right, there isn't much documentation about this file or how the site is hosted/deployed.

The now.json file is used by the Now service. It makes it simple to deploy apps.


Atinux fixed the bug report #c117 •

bug Scroll Recording bug

It's now fixed, thanks @Vuchan


Atinux implemented the feature request #c120 •

idea Add date when publish new release note

Thank you for the suggestion :)