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Action Required: Fix Renovate Configuration

There is an error with this repository's Renovate configuration that needs to be fixed. As a precaution, Renovate will stop PRs until it is resolved.

Error type: Cannot find preset's package (@nuxtjs)


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Release notes not updated since 2.5.0

Issue only shows latest release notes for 2.5.0


To see release notes for latest version (E.g. 2.6.3)

On a side note, I couldn't create this on as the link is not working.


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Typescript Support: Instruction not clear

I've read the tutorial on how to setup Typescript support for nuxtjs. should I rewrite the script tag and change it to typescript?
From JavaScript to TypeScript, I tried to rename nuxt.config.js to nuxt.config.ts

it gives me an error about nuxt.config.js not located.

I believe that the documentation has not been updated and I'll be waiting for it patiently. for the meantime, I'll try the nuxt-typescript template from the nuxt-community.


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bug Deploy to Netlify failed



Reproduction link

Steps to reproduce

What is expected ?

Deploy to Netlify finish successfully

What is actually happening?

Deploy to Netlify failed

Additional comments?

Netlify deploy log:


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examples of plugins-vendor not work

Nothing to preview


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CMTY Link from GitHub New Issue Default Comment is Incorrect?

At this repository [/nuxt/], push new issue button, or open new issue link [/nuxt/], there is below comment.

IMPORTANT: Please use the following link to create a new issue:

If your issue was not created using the app above, it will be closed immediately.

But, above CMTY link is not work. Is it needs replace?


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idea Homepage (top page) is not for ready translate.

What problem does this feature solve?

Homepage (top page) contents are written in the source code directory. Therefore, we cannot translate it for each language.

What does the proposed changes look like?

Move contents to language resource files, lang.json, and content files, *.md. I'll send pull request after submit it.


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how to prevent redirect when submit form and get 422

i am new in nuxt and can't solve the problem when i try to submit form for getting 422 error should not go anywhere and show error on console but its showing me

'Request failed with status code 422
An error occurred while rendering the page. Check developer tools console for details.'

how to prevent this

my code very simple login

export default {
data() {
return {
form: {
email: '',
password: ''
methods: {
async submit() {
await this.$auth.login({
data: this.form


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normalize-url Unexpected token IOS9+ IOS10+




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how to hide css


i habe a

mode universal
and i have a css like that:

css: [

now i whant still use the universal mode for the all html
but i want to didnt show the css in the souce code

how i can do that??



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TypeError: Cannot read property 'toUpperCase' of undefined

I get a error with run

[Vue warn]: Error in render: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'toUpperCase' of undefined"

found in

---> <NuxtHeaderNav> at components/HeaderNav.vue
<Navbar> at components/Header.vue
<Default> at layouts/default.vue
× error TypeError: Cannot read property 'toUpperCase' of undefined


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How to put all packaged JS files in a single folder?

As can be seen from the official examples,
The packaged JS files are placed in the dist/_nuxt file,
How can I do this?


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Where is Nuxt 1.x documentation?

…Only seems to be v2.x docs now, I see version number showing, but cannot figure out how to get back to 1.x documentation…


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Nuxt.Options & Nuxt.Utils – are the docs outdated or am I missing something?

Hey! I'm new in a project that uses (well, tries to use) Options and Utils from nuxt. The docs say that both would be available as far as I understand: – but that's not really the case, see this as an explanation:

My guess is that the nuxt-styleguide tries to use internal APIs that were not stable and thus were changed at some point for [email protected].

What I'm wondering about: Apparently, neither Options.from(…) nor Utils.fatalError are valid APIs (anymore? It must have worked at some point…).

Is there any documentation about what would be possible with Options and Utils and how to use them?
If not: Is there any way I could find out about these APIs and help document them?
And if I wanted to throw that fatalError or merge some options with the ones already present, how would I do that?

Thanks for any help :)


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Letter and word spacing in the documentation

The extra letter and word spacing in the styles makes the typography feel disjointed and weird to me. I can live with it(!), but was wondering why it was there, and whether you'd take a PR to remove it?


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Bootstrap-Vue carousel stop working after nuxt 2 upgrade

Bootstrap-Vue carousel stop working after nuxt 2 upgrade.


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Chat link in ecosystem menu


The Chat link points to but once on gitter we have a message that invites us to go to discourse.
May be you could just change the Chat link directly on the website, with the right link to the right chat system :)



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using compiled scss as content_css for tinymce

in tinymce editor, we can inject css file for styling content css,

  selector: 'textarea',  // change this value according to your HTML
  content_css : '/myLayout.css'  // resolved to http://domain.mine/myLayout.css

i have a scss file in my assets folder, how can link compiled of this file to content_css ?


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Cannot read property 'status' of undefined