Released 7 months ago

DX Improvements 💅

SSR logs in your browser 🖥️

We all know the console.log debugging method, but when working with universal applications, you have to remember that sometimes, your logs are in your terminal and not in your browser console.

This can be really annoying when developing a Nuxt.js application, starting with this version and running nuxt dev, the ssr logs are now reported to your browser console:


Detecting store/ creation 👀

Nuxt.js now detects when you created a store/ directory and will reload himself auto-magically so you don't have to restart it anymore.


PS: We also improved the serverMiddleware watch to restart Nuxt.js and clean their cache

Fixes ✔️

  • builder: corretly detect mode of hashed plugins (#5695)
  • builder: call watch:restart after watch:fileChanged hook (#5620)
  • utils: node v8 not support dotAll in regex (#5608)
  • vue-app: properly catch component loading error (#5687) (#5688) (#5690)
  • vue-app: consider watchQuery option in routerViewKey (#5516)
  • vue-renderer: await on spa:templateParams hook (#5619)
  • webpack: set log level to warn for HardSourcePlugin (#5653)
  • vue-app: properly catch loading error in component prefetching (#5688) (#5690)
  • vue-app: avoid using aliases in templates (#5656)
  • builder: watch store dir and serverMiddleware paths (#5681)

Features 🚀

  • vue-app: rename transition to pageTransition and deprecate it (#5558)
  • vue-renderer/vue-app: report SSR console logs to the browser with consola (#5673)
  • webpack: suppress not found typescript warnings (#5635)
  • webpack: extendable babel.presets and babel envName (#5637)
  • configurable aliases (#5655)

Refactors 🧹

  • server: exclude dist files request from browser detection (#5571)
  • vue-renderer: remove chalk in renderer (#5609)
  • vue-renderer: split renderer into ssr, spa and modern (#5559)
  • move modern detection from server to utils (#5584)

Examples 📚

Typescript 👷

Only for typescript users, Nuxt.js v2.7 dropped support for node < 8.6 relate to ts-loader v6

  • add babel config types (#5666)
  • upgrade ts-loader to v6 (#5691)
  • fix context.app type (#5701)
  • fix extendRoutes method type (#5700)
  • prevent ts-node to register twice (#5699)

Thanks to 🙏

  • Christian Lehr (@clehr)
  • Hyunje Jun (@utatti)
  • Rafał Chłodnicki (@rchl)
  • Yama-Tomo (@Yama-Tomo)
  • René Stalder (@renestalder)
  • Kohei Ota (@inductor)