Released 8 months ago


  • cli: Apply nuxt.config.js changes and watch for all imported files (#5500)
  • cli: Fix problem for users that have tsconfig.json but do not use typescript (#5478)
  • cli: Show memory usage after build for nuxt dev (#5514)
  • server Fix bug with SPA mode with CSP enabled (#5474)
  • vue-renderer: Use modulepreload for modern mode when using spa generate (#5489)
  • webpack: Suggest using official @nuxtjs/style-resources package (#5499)
  • Custom router.base support for banner url and loading screen (#5470) (nuxt/loading-screen#8)

Security Fixes

  • Prevent potential XSS vulnerabiliy when using vuex-router-sync (nuxt/devalue#8) (vuejs/vuex-router-sync#89)

Thanks to our awesome contributors to this release

  • Damian Stasik (@visualfanatic)
  • Andreas Zoellner (@zoellner)