[edge] Better error handling if plugin src file is missing

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Tested with "nuxt-edge": "latest" on 28th May 2018 11:39:30 UTC

What problem does this feature solve?

Better error handling if plugin src file is missing

What does the proposed changes look like?

  1. Add this line to nuxt.config.js in the plugins section:
{ src: '~plugins/nuxt-quill-plugin.js', ssr: false }
  1. Do NOT add the file plugins/nuxt-quill-plugin.js.

  2. Run npm run dev and see this error message:

ERROR Failed to compile with 1 errors

This dependency was not found:

* nuxt_plugin_nuxtquillplugin_3ab6ceae in ./.nuxt/index.js

To install it, you can run: npm install --save nuxt_plugin_nuxtquillplugin_3ab6ceae
  1. The most developers will NOT immediately understand that the error occured because the set plugin src file does not exist. There should be an error message that tells the developer to add the missing file (or in most cases fixing a typo).
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