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Does this support categories/tags?
Any conventions on how to write the .md files?


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How to change default port

I start some app through some port.
package.json is like this.
"scripts": {
"dev": "nuxt -p=4400",

So after i installed blog module, i have to chage blog-module.js etc like this.

export default function NuxtModule(options) {
  const defaults = {
    base: 'http://localhost:4450',      <<<<<<<<<<<<<
    comments: false,

But this file is in node_modules directory.
Can i change above default port at nuxt.config.js ?


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Incompatible with nuxt 2.0
error TypeError: dep.getResourceIdentifier is not a function

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Support for static sites

This module works very well when I'm running in development mode, but when I go to generate a static site, there are a few issues that I've noticed.

  1. Navigating directly to a post via address works great, however, navigating to a post through any link makes a call to /api/blog/posts/{slug} which doesn't exist.
  2. Webpack does produce static JSON files which correspond to the /api/blog/posts/{slug} calls, but they are nested inside the public path directory (/_nuxt) and they have a .json extension added.
  3. The .json files are not versioned in any way. This is not a 100% deal breaker, since the corresponding .html files are no versioned either so they can share caching strategies, however it does go against the strategy of assuming everything in the pubilc path directory is versioned and thus can be cached for long periods.
  4. Blog routes do not appear to play well with the @nuxtjs/sitemap module and don't appear within the sitemap.xml file or the sitemap-routes.json file.

In the few days I've spent pulling apart code, I have not been able to figure out a way to resolve any of these issues, as this module is failry large and complex. I appreciate the capabilities but I don't know how useful it is without being able to function as a static file site. I'll continue to work on it as time allows but I would be very interested in knowing if there is some configuration that I'm missing that might make some of these pieces fall into place.


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Project status?

Is this actively being used or contributed to? Seems a little stale.


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Hello World example.

Can someone be kind enough to give me a hello world example? I don't know how to use the blog-module. Thanks in advanced.


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Improve documentation

Could the documentation be improved please? This seems to be a lot more powerful than the README suggests but I'm not sure what the options do exactly or how I can customize the HTML outputted for each post preview, for example.


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Npm run build fails

Nuxt rc11
Blog-module 0.0.1-6
on build Uglify fails

ERROR in 3.401771ae88b5828911b6.js from UglifyJs
Unexpected token: operator (>) [./node_modules/@nuxtjs/blog/src/app/mixins/api.js:7,0][3.401771ae88b5828911b6.js:111,20]

ERROR in 5.607bddffaeab0f9a14c9.js from UglifyJs
Unexpected token: operator (>) [./node_modules/@nuxtjs/blog/src/app/mixins/api.js:7,0][5.607bddffaeab0f9a14c9.js:100,20]

ERROR in 6.72fb925f626a18a70784.js from UglifyJs
Unexpected token punc «(», expected punc «:» [./node_modules/@nuxtjs/blog/src/app/mixins/collection.js:7,0][6.72fb925f626a18a70784.js:117,17]

ERROR in 7.d3452f4d13ebcec5cc93.js from UglifyJs
Unexpected token punc «(», expected punc «:» [./node_modules/@nuxtjs/blog/src/app/mixins/blog.js:6,0][7.d3452f4d13ebcec5cc93.js:77,17]

Looks like the code in the mixins is not run through babel before uglify tries to do what it needs to do, therefore is fails because it does not recognize the es6 arrow functions


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Action required: Greenkeeper could not be activated 🚨

🚨 You need to enable Continuous Integration on all branches of this repository. 🚨

To enable Greenkeeper, you need to make sure that a commit status is reported on all branches. This is required by Greenkeeper because we are using your CI build statuses to figure out when to notify you about breaking changes.

Since we did not receive a CI status on the greenkeeper/initial branch, we assume that you still need to configure it.

If you have already set up a CI for this repository, you might need to check your configuration. Make sure it will run on all new branches. If you don’t want it to run on every branch, you can whitelist branches starting with greenkeeper/.

We recommend using Travis CI, but Greenkeeper will work with every other CI service as well.

Once you have installed CI on this repository, you’ll need to re-trigger Greenkeeper’s initial Pull Request. To do this, please delete the greenkeeper/initial branch in this repository, and then remove and re-add this repository to the Greenkeeper integration’s white list on Github. You'll find this list on your repo or organiszation’s settings page, under Installed GitHub Apps.