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  • chore(ts): update types for nuxt 2.7.1 (PR #249)
  • chore(deps): update dependency consola to ^2.6.2 (PR #246)
Released a year ago

Full change list: v5.0.1โ€ฆv5.1.0


  • allow disable progress per request. closes #112. (1530bb6)
  • disable https for localhost url (#93) (dd67734)
Released a year ago

Bug Fixes

  • don't mutate env.API_URL (a8ea331)

This was causing side-effects and invalid proxy config after reloading nuxt.config.js

Released a year ago

The 5.0.0 version of Axios module is an almost complete rewrite with more stability and custom features.

This release was not possible without months of community valuable feedback and help. ๐Ÿ’–

Before doing an upgrade please ensure to read the latest docs and migration guide.

5.0.0 Highlights

  • All lifecycle functions have been removed. You can now use a nuxt plugin to add interceptors.
  • Options reworked. Setting Base URL now much more straightforward.
  • Built-in proxy support with easier integration and more docs.
  • Integration with Nuxt.js loading bar. So you see progress while making a long request.
  • Optional retry support to retry failed requests.

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Bug Fixes

  • progress: finish on fail (ea7b569)


Released a year ago

Bug Fixes

Released a year ago

New features

  • Nuxt progress bar integration (Enabled by default)
  • Built-in Proxy support

Please read Migration Guide before upgrading.

Released a year ago

This is an (almost) complete rewrite of axios module.

Please read Migration Guide before upgrading.

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