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Pushed Most of the official website of the Chinese official website can be used normally. (#845) ## English: Currently: the guide and api files have all been updated and can be used normally, synchronized with the English official website. The Chinese official website has the following problems: 1. Need to redeploy the update in the Chinese official website guide, **`/modules` directory** added and not displayed properly 2. **The API needs to redeploy the update because of the addition of many API documents that do not exist in Chinese documents, and some of which are repairing documents.** 3. Chinese official website needs to be consistent with the English official website version number, currently 2.0.0, **need to be changed to 2.1.0** ## 涓枃锛 鐩墠锛氭暀绋 鍜 api 鏂囨。宸茬粡鍏ㄩ儴鏇存柊瀹屾瘯鍙互姝e父浣跨敤锛屼笌鑻辨枃瀹樼綉鍚屾銆 涓枃瀹樼綉瀛樺湪浠ヤ笅闂锛 1. 闇瑕侀噸鏂伴儴缃叉洿鏂 涓枃瀹樼綉涓殑鏁欑▼ 锛**`/modules`鐩綍**鏂板骞舵病鏈夋甯告樉绀 2. **API闇瑕侀噸鏂伴儴缃叉洿鏂帮紝鍥犱负澧炲姞浜嗗緢澶氫腑鏂囨枃妗d笉瀛樺湪鐨凙PI鏂囨。锛岃繕鏈夐儴鍒嗘槸淇鏂囨。銆** 3. 涓枃瀹樼綉闇瑕佷笌鑻辨枃瀹樼綉鐗堟湰鍙蜂竴鑷达紝鐩墠鏄2.0.0锛**闇瑕佹洿鏀逛负2.1.0** ------ @clarkdo @Atinux I hope to be recognized by the Nuxt team and will be re-deployed to the Chinese official website. 馃樃 (db89099)

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Thursday, October 11th 2018
Wednesday, October 10th 2018