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Platform to help open source maintainers and users to work together on making sustainable technologies and brings transparency.

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Solutions for Everyone


Managing an open-source project can become a nightmare. Questions, bugs and feature requests are all mixed into GitHub issues.

Community separates every type to bring clarity into your project management.


By answering issues on GitHub, you are helping a lot open-source projects, but few see it or reward you for it.

We brought StackOverflow like reputation system to reward contributors, not only for coding but also for helping the community.


Be notified and track releases of the projects you use and find quickly the answers to your questions.

Follow the progress of the bugs and features you care and see in which releases those are fixed / implemented.

Make open source great

The open source model has become an essential reference in the world of development through its diversity of actors, the wealth of collaborative work and the effective support for an open innovation approach.

By all working hand in hand, we can encourage people to maintain and create great open-source projects, bringing innovation to everyone and let people be able to live with their passion.

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